API Documentation

Main usage

Usage and Options are available, correctly formated, via fspsage.py -h once installed.

fsps-age.py – Estimates the age of a Photometric SED using FSPS.

Science goal:
Check local environment effects on SNIa by looking for correlations between HR and the age of the local environment calculated from SDSS Scene Modeling Photometry
fspsage.py burnin OBJID fspsage.py run DATASET JOBID JOBLENGTH [-d | –debug] fspsage.py (-h | –help) fspsage.py –version
burnin run a shorter run on specific objects only OBJID the SN (or Messier) ID of the object to observe run estimate age for a given data set DATASET analyses circle, messier, gupta, campbell, campbellG, and riess data sets JOBID the ID for the piece of the data set to be analyzed JOBLENGTH the total number of objects looked at -d –debug run shorter and with more logs -h –help show this screen –version show version

Runs a smaller emcee.sampler to see how the sampling is progressing. Hopefully these values will not effect how it samples, but it will likely effect how well it sampled.


# Get MCMC running and be able to calculate an age with uncertainties.


Setting up the logger parts that are the same for all commands


# Test on global SED’s

We want to redo what Gupta did to make sure we can actually do something before we analyze on new data.

Parameters:cli – The dictionary of the CLI constructed by :docop:.